Think It Through

Today we worked on the following question:

I rolled 3 dice. How many dots might you see?

Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and we lost the student’s thoughts about this problem. Take some time to ask your child about their math thinking today and maybe they can show you how they figured out their answer at home. \


Think It Through Thursday

Thinking, problem solving, and accessing resources independently is a skill children growing up will need to have to prepare themselves for the 21st century. Through Guided Exploration the children have been developing these skills while having fun and learning at the same time. Beginning on Thursday we will be trying a more focused attempt at developing these skills. The children will be provided with a question and given time to think about it and come up with a response. The “Think it Through Thursday” questions are designed to be open-ended to allow for different solutions. This helps to build confidence.The questions encourage students to really “think about their thinking” and to explain their answers. When we share our solutions we learn from each other.


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