Let’s Talk About It

Today we started Talk About It Tuesday. Every Tuesday we are going to look at a picture from the Big Book – Let’s Talk About It. We have a few things the students are going to work on with this activity:

  1. The students are working on talking in longer sentences and giving more details when they talk. For example the first student that had an idea about the picture said “it is pink” and I asked for more details “what is pink, I don’t know what you are talking about?”.
  2. We are also working on making connections. When you look at this picture what does it remind you of? A book you read, a movie you saw, a farm you visited, a song you know etc.
  3. We are trying to make our writing more interesting so, by talking about the picture first I am hoping that it will give the children some more ideas that they could add to their writing. After talking about the picture( describing what we see and making connections), the student go and write a few sentences in their journal.

Have a look below at today’s picture and some of the ideas the children shared.