The Chicks!!!

Mrs. Hall’s class has had the eggs in an incubator for 21 days. 3 chick hatched on Monday and one more on Tuesday night. There are now 4 healthy happy chicks. They had to dry out in the incubator and today they all got to visit us. Tomorrow we will be able to hold them.

Making Play Dough – Part 1

Today half the class got a chance to make their own play dough. We had a great time getting messy. The rest of the class will give it a try tomorrow.

You can ask your child about wet vs dry ingredients, what they noticed when we added the water, how it felt and what your child did to help?

Our Tree

The first week of school we explored the trees growing at the front of our school. One tree in particular caught the attention of several students. They noticed something red growing on it.

This week we went back to see if anything had changed on our special tree.image