Teach Your Monster To Read

During our time in the computer lab this week I showed the students a new game they can use to become better readers.  It was a big hit and the students have been asking me how they can play it at home. Just click on the link below and use the username and password that was sent home in your child’s agenda this week. It is also available as an app

Teach Your Monster To Read

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Oral Language

Oral language is an extremely important step in the development of literacy and is an integral part of the learning to read and write process.  It is essential that these skills become well developed now as without strong oral language skills reading and writing development could suffer.  I have been doing some oral language assessment in the classroom and have noticed that this is an area we need practice in so we are learning to really listen to one another in order to understand what is being said.  We are also practicing answering in full sentences and adding details to make what we are saying more interesting to our audience. I have posted a few articles below to help you understand what oral language is and why it is so important.  We are really working on discouraging the one word answers some of the children are giving!  Encourage your child to use a full sentence and tell you why by using words like because!

First Grader Language Milestones

40 Questions That Get Kids Talking
Conversations With Children: Beyond One Word Answers


A consonant blend is two or more consecutive consonants in a word whose sounds blend together. Although the sounds “blend” together, each sound is still heard. At school we have been learning to read blends during our shared reading activities and we will be working on an anchor chart to use as a resource during our writing. We have also been singing a song about blends and making words that begin with the blends from the song each day as well.

Blends Charts & Word Lists

Blending Games Along With Other Phonics Lessons

Blends Game

Blends Bowling Game