Controlled R

There is a large group in our class that is working on “er” at the end of the words. We are learning that it is usually not just an “r”. Here are some videos about er, ir and ar.


We have been talking about breaking words into syllables in order to turtle talk longer words more accurately during writing activities.  Here is a video we watched to help the children understand the concept of syllables.

Here are some games you can play to help your child understand more about syllables.  Be careful he/she doesn’t confuse breaking words into syllables with breaking words into individual sounds(Turtle Talking).  If you happen to come across any other syllable games online or any apps for the Ipad let me know so I can add them here!

Syllable Game #1

Syllable Game #2

Teach Your Monster To Read

During our time in the computer lab this week I showed the students a new game they can use to become better readers.  It was a big hit and the students have been asking me how they can play it at home. Just click on the link below and use the username and password that was sent home in your child’s agenda this week. It is also available as an app

Teach Your Monster To Read

monster image