Our Classroom Goal

To help support your child’s learning we ask big questions at school. Our first question (learning goal) is:

“How can I be a good member of our school family?”

Mrs. Murray is acting like a detective and searching our classroom to find students who are following our school family pledge (1. Be Kind 2. Be Brave 3. Try your personal best). As we start to explore our first social studies topic the class will be exploring different roles and responsibilities. To help support this we have some responsibilities in our classroom to help it stay safe, clean and running smoothly.


Today we created an anchor chart to help us learn during Guided Exploration. We already know that our brains grow the most when we make mistakes so we need to be sure we are always challenging our brains. We discussed the importance of trying new things all of the time. If we are always choosing the same learning materials and using them in the same way our brains won’t be challenged enough to grow. We also learned the importance of working with a variety of classmates. We can learn so much from one another and we don’t want to miss any learning opportunities.

The Night Before First Grade

It is hard to believe that the first day of school is almost here! I am sure  your little one is experiencing many different emotions about  his or her first day of First Grade so I have put a video of the book I will be reading on the first day here:

Sometimes children fear the unknown and it is my hope that by watching this video and knowing that I will read it on the first day that it may help alleviate some of the stress or anxiety that your child may be having.

I am looking forward to sharing this story with your child on September 6th! Please enjoy it over and over with your child this weekend!

School Starts Soon

September is a busy and exciting time for both teachers and students!  I look forward to meeting all of my new First Grade Friends next week. We are going to have a great year learning and playing together.

The school year calendar is found here: 2016-2017 HWDSB calendar

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On Tuesday Sept 6th – please don’t forget to send a pair of indoor shoes, extra clothes and a healthy lunch packed in reusable containers.

Enjoy the few days of summer vacation!

Mrs. Jennifer Murray

Back to School Jitters

Back to school after two months of summer fun is not easy for many children. This article has very helpful ideas about how to talk to your child that align with all the new information we know about the brain. Please take a moment to read.