Shared Reading: All about me

Curiosity always leads to more learning! So if we want to learn more, we need to be curious, and if we are curious then we need to ask questions. This weeks shared reading is all about asking questions and our word wall words are words that we use to start a question.

All About You


This week we have been looking at the question words: who, what, where, how, when, why

By asking questions about another member of our school family, we are beginning to learn more about each other and life outside of school.  Although we are all part of the same school family, sharing similar experiences and responsibilities, our experiences, roles and responsibilities often change when we are not at school and as we grow up.

You can be talking to your child about how roles and responsibilities change over time and in different situations.
-How your own roles and responsibilities are the same or different as your child’s when you were their age.
-How your roles and responsibilities have changed as parents throughout the different stages of your child’s life.
-How your child’s roles and responsibilities have changed throughout their life.
-How experiences such as a birth, a death, a divorce, a wedding or new relationship, a change of homes, or even a new pet affect the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the family and how they feel about that.
-How roles and responsibilities change within the home and community throughout the year as the seasons change.

This weeks word family is:

Image result for op word family

Bullying Awareness Activity #4

Today’s activity started off with this video:

This week we have been talking about different types of bullying, how we feel when someone is mean to us, what to do if this happens to you, how to be courageous and help a friend if someone is being mean to them.

As the week wraps up we want to celebrate the sparkle in each of us. After watching the above video we read the book:

Image result for incredible me book

We talked about what makes us special, what gives us our sparkle and what is great about our class. Each class was asked to come up with an affirmation and here is what the Grade Ones created:

  1. We are smart
  2. We are using our brains everyday to grow our brains and get smarter
  3. We are kind and we share
  4. We are Awesome!!!!!