Monthly Writing

Starting today the students will be writing a story each month. We have a special spot in our classroom to display our amazing writing. In June you will receive a bundle of stories and be able to see the growth your child has made this year. The students love to look back and see their improvements each month.

Today we wrote our October story as we are going to be a little busy on Monday. I was happy to see so many students being brave and trying to write on their own. I was also excited to see the students using the resources in our room. Many students used to calendar to find words like birthday and Halloween. I saw students using the popcorn words and our colour chart!!!!


Math Talk

imageToday something wonderful happened during our math talk. So far this year the students have been happy to share their thinking. Today the children started to really listen to each other and responded with kindness. During our discussion some students kindly challenged other students. I was amazed to hear things like. ” I think they might mean”. Instead of ——- is wrong or that is not right. Being able to talk with peers and disagree in a constructive way is an essential skill in today’s world.
image image image

10 Frames

At school have been using a 10 Frame as a tool for representing numbers. Please take some time to watch the first video as it explains the concept of a 10 Frame for parents. The last 2 videos are games to play. As your child gets better at understanding numbers represented on the 10 Frame he or she will be able to get more of the answers correct in the game videos without having to count each section of the 10 Frame.

Learning Website

Looking for something educational for your child to do on the computer while you make dinner? The link below is for a very popular site many of the children have used before.  There is a grade one section at the top right and there are links to many different games and activities directly linked to the curriculum. Check it out with your child to help him/her consolidate the learning that they are doing at school.

Click here to go to Starfall