A Bed in the Leaves

The children have been very excited about the changes they are seeing in the world around them this month and they are learning to satisfy this curiosity by formulating good questions for us to investigate.  When I was outside on duty many of the students at the school were asking me about the changing colours of the leaves and bringing me beautiful leaves they have found.

A Bed in the Leaves

When we read the poem there were some big words that we had to stop and figure out. Here are some of the strategies that the students remembered to use

Look at the pictures (eagle eye)

Sound out the letters (stretchy snake)

Look for a small word hiding in the big word ( chunky monkey)

Skip it and read the rest of the sentence (then go back and see if you can figure it out)

Can your child:

-read the popcorn words in the poem ?

– find the colour words ?
-find a non-fiction book at the library that relates to the topic of seasons to learn more