Trying to figure out area

This morning the students truly blew me away with their determination, risk taking and team work!!!!

We have done a lot of measuring this year and the students are fairly confident using various things in our room to measure length and width. Today we struggled to figure out how to measure the area of a book. When something is hard or does not work the first time it helps the students to stretch their brains. It forces them to try new ideas, to talk to their peers and most of all to understand that failure is ok!  Today we struggled through this together and we all felt an amazing sense of accomplishment when we started finding solutions. Below is just a glimpse into the conversations and problem solving that happened today.




Water Magic

We had a great afternoon. I wish I could have captured more of the students conversations, wonders and thoughts. They were so excited and captivated to just watch. We had amazing ideas, predictions and wonders.