10 Frames

At school have been using a 10 Frame as a tool for representing numbers. Please take some time to watch the first video as it explains the concept of a 10 Frame for parents. The last 2 videos are games to play. As your child gets better at understanding numbers represented on the 10 Frame he or she will be able to get more of the answers correct in the game videos without having to count each section of the 10 Frame.

Learning Website

Looking for something educational for your child to do on the computer while you make dinner? The link below is for a very popular site many of the children have used before.  There is a grade one section at the top right and there are links to many different games and activities directly linked to the curriculum. Check it out with your child to help him/her consolidate the learning that they are doing at school.

Click here to go to Starfall

30th Day of School

Zero the Hero came to visit us again. On the 30th day of school we made another bundle of 10 Popsicle sticks. The students were very eager to see when our special bag would arrive.


We counted out 30 items. We grouped them and counted by 5’s and 10’s. 
image image image image



A consonant blend is two or more consecutive consonants in a word whose sounds blend together. Although the sounds “blend” together, each sound is still heard. At school we have been learning to read blends during our shared reading activities and we will be working on an anchor chart to use as a resource during our writing. We have also been singing a song about blends and making words that begin with the blends from the song each day as well.

Blends Charts & Word Lists

Blending Games Along With Other Phonics Lessons

Blends Game

Blends Bowling Game

Shared Reading – OK Blue Jays

This week for shared reading we will be cheering for the Jays! The children have been really excited about the games so we thought that it would be a fantastic idea to tie our shared reading to the children’s excitement.

We will be continuing to review the reading strategies:

  1. Eagle Eye
  2. Stretchy Snake
  3. Flippy Dolphin

We will be introducing a strategy that is very helpful for children called Chunky Monkey! Over the next several weeks and months we will be exploring blend, digraphs, diphthongs, r-controlled vowels and other “chunks” found in words! As the children develop this skill they will move away from strictly using “Stretching Snake” (sounding out letter by letter) into chunking sounds together to become more fluent readers. Look for tips, games and videos to help your child move to this next stage in their reading development coming to the blog soon! Some children take longer to move from sounding out letter by letter to chunking groups of letters so please just observe how your child is reading and maybe tackle a few new words together using the “Chunky Monkey” strategy so that it becomes familiar!


Here is a link to our poem/chant: OK Blue Jays!

Our word family this week is the -all family! OK Blue Jays is filled with lots of word family chunks we will be exploring also! See if you can find some “Chunky Monkey” in the poem!


Check out the video!