Our Tree

The first week of school we explored the trees growing at the front of our school. One tree in particular caught the attention of several students. They noticed something red growing on it.

This week we went back to see if anything had changed on our special tree.image

Math Talk

In Grade One we are learning that math is all around us. Every week we will be looking at a picture to see if we can find the math in it.

You can do this when you are out and about with your family. What kinds of math do you see at the grocery store? the park? at swimming lessons? Try pointing out the following in the real world when you see it to help build your child’s math vocabulary.


shapes (circle, triangle, hexagon, square, oval etc.)

3D figures (sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, pyramid)

how things are sorted

measurement (shorter, taller, longer, wider, thick, thin, big, small)

quantity (more, less, equal, most, least)

counting – count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

Math is everywhere and the more your child is engaged in conversations about math in the real world the stronger a foundation your child will have for the more complex math skills that are coming as they grow up.

“Tell me your math thinking about this picture”





Shared Reading (this week)

This week during Shared Reading we will continue to talk about the strategies we can use when we are reading.

  1. Eagle Eye (Look At The Picture)
  2. Stretchy Snake (Sound out the letters)
  3. The Popcorn SongThis week we have added a new strategy:
  4. Flippy Dolphin (Try the other vowel sound if the word doesn’t sound right when you are using stretchy snake).Here are some videos to help your child practice the 2 different sounds each vowel makes.


We are also working on the Word Family -at this week. Below you will find our -at family words. Please have your child practice reading these words. Point out words that contain the -at chunk while you are reading to your child this week!

at family


Our poem this week is below. Have your child follow along with the mouse as he or she reads. Here are some activities to do with your child:

1. Can you find the vowels (a/e/i/o/u) and say their short and long sound?
2. Can you find an -at family word hiding in the poem? Can you make a list of other -at       family words?

One Two Buckle My Shoe


Our Classroom Goal

To help support your child’s learning we ask big questions at school. Our first question (learning goal) is:

“How can I be a good member of our school family?”

Mrs. Murray is acting like a detective and searching our classroom to find students who are following our school family pledge (1. Be Kind 2. Be Brave 3. Try your personal best). As we start to explore our first social studies topic the class will be exploring different roles and responsibilities. To help support this we have some responsibilities in our classroom to help it stay safe, clean and running smoothly.


Today we created an anchor chart to help us learn during Guided Exploration. We already know that our brains grow the most when we make mistakes so we need to be sure we are always challenging our brains. We discussed the importance of trying new things all of the time. If we are always choosing the same learning materials and using them in the same way our brains won’t be challenged enough to grow. We also learned the importance of working with a variety of classmates. We can learn so much from one another and we don’t want to miss any learning opportunities.

Shared Reading

Last week we did our first shared reading poem. The children figured out that our shared reading poem was I Can Read Colours by using strategies such as:

1. Looking for Popcorn Words.
2. Sounding out the letters. (Stretchy Snake Strategy)
3. Looking at the pictures. (Eagle Eye Strategy)

I was amazed at how every child participated in the shared reading following along with my pointer. Here is a copy of this poem:

I Can Read Colors

Here is a copy of the Popcorn Song for review and for our new families to Franklin Road. The song is sung starting with “like, a, I, he” and you go down the columns. The song is sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb.


Here is a video link to Alphardy which will help your child review his or her letter sounds!


Books are Good for the Heart

Mrs. Murray loves to read!!!!! We will be reading books everyday this year at school. Some books are good for the heart. They give you that warm feeling inside. They help remind us to be the best we can be.

Today we read the gigantic turnip and the message is that all the characters in the book had to work together to pull the turnip out of the ground. After reading the book I hoped for a discussion about how we can work together and help each other. Instead when I ask the students about the book this was their reply – ” Mrs. Murray that farmer let his vegetables grow for too little long. You have to pull them out sooner.  It must have rained a lot to make that turnip grow so big.  I am amazed that the tiny mouse ate the most soup at the end”  all of these are valuable observations, we will come back to the teamwork aspect later.  image